Breaking News

Crushingly, a shipment of Dr. Grordbort's newest and most devastating wave weapons and accoutrements has disappeared and is currently unaccounted for. Which rather upsets our accountants!

Apparently safely aboard a Dr. Grordbort's rocket, bound for Earth from a subsidiary Venusian factory, the shipment seems to have simply vanished entirely.

We are currently looking into possible causes - we cannot discount foul play at this point. Foul play SHOULD be costly!

What does this mean for you, dear customer? We cannot estimate the impact on supply but suffice it to say, Grordbort's Industries is maximising production to attempt to make up for the loss.

We also cannot confirm or deny if this will affect supplies of one of Dr. Grordbort's newest and most potent wave weapons - the Cow Mangler 5000.

Stay tuned - we'll keep you updated.