Unwin's Double Backed Shrovel

"My goodness, what delightful creature has manifest before me!" you are most assuredly exclaiming. This handsome little beast, while appearing to the untrained eye as a random assortment of misshapen limbs, or perhaps, two unrelated animals entwined in some grotesque mating ritual, is in fact one of the more charming and approachable omnivores on the Venusian plains. The 'face' of the creature houses the sphincter like mouth and is surrounded by four finger-like feeders.

Watching the animal eat it's preferred meal of tube grubs is not recommended for lady-folk or those of mild constitution.

The creature has a surprisingly gracile gait, and can propel itself along at a pace analogous to a jogging man or a child chased by a woman with a rolling pin.

As such, this placid beast is fairly easy to dispatch, a clean shot through the carapace causes minimal damage to a prospective taxidermic trophy. They'll never know what hit em'!

S. Unwin, the Shrovels namesake, is reputed to have bagged 35 of the little tike's on his infamous 'Pillaging and Drinking' expedition of 32.

Vital Statistics:
Height: 2 feet
Length: 4 to 6 feet
Weight: 65 pounds

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