The Shallow Beaked Grogan

Here we present the largest of the Grogans, the Shallow beaked variety.

Standing taller than an Earth Giraffe and as hefty as one fifth of a Humpback Whale, the Shallow beaked Grogan is a grand beast to witness in person. The Grogan seems to lack eyes but has an array of thermal and photo receptors gathered on its neck. Couple these with its nimble and articulated chest ears and we find that the beasty has an acute awareness of it's surroundings.

The beak is put to good use foraging for food, which it eats with no hesitation. It is known to eat various tall cakes, chocolate and upside down among them and its powerful beak can incise through the stalest specimen. We're sure it has a preferred, indigenous food but our studies didn't go into that sort of thing.

The creature has four strapping legs and two forward foraging limbs. These are able to break cakes of almost any type into smaller pieces. Even a large wedding cake proved no match for these dextrous appendages. Travelling in herds of a dozen or more animals, the Shallow Beaked Grogan is becoming a rare sight on the Venusian flood plains. Due to this rarity, trophies are greatly valued, the beak fetching enough to buy a small house boat back on earth.
If you spot one on expedition, tarry not and bag the beast quick smart.

Vital Statistics:
Height: 25 feet
Length: 20 feet
Weight: 8 or more tons

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