Mumford's Royal Toop

Behold the splendour of the hexly appended Royal Toop!

Named after explorer Sir Basil F. Mumford who revealed this fascinating beast to science and many of its evolutionary parentage, the Royal Toop is the largest and rarest of the bloodline. A docile beast until cornered, the Royal Toop is of approximate temperament and size to an large African White Rhino.

The unsightly cranium has many bizarre sensors, none comparable to Earth animals. Nestled beneath these receptors are two sturdy arms which it uses for feeding and defense. As stated, the Toop is increasingly rare and so we advise that upon sighting one you bag it immediately. Approximately 12 seconds on high at 20 yards with the Goliathon 83 should do the trick. The feet make beautiful doorstops or ashtrays.

Vital Statistics:
Height: 2 1/2 yards
Length: 5 to 8 yards including tail
Weight: 3 to 5 ton

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