Barnaby's Thrusk

What can be said about Barnaby's Thrusk that hasn't already been revealed in many scientific journals of less repute? Without going into the mundane, we can illuminate the following factoids about this elegant herbivore:

- A swift hexapod, the Thrusk may gallop along at a similar clip to that of an Earth Horse if it had one leg chained to a bowling ball and was whipped by a small yet muscular child.

- The frontal plate of the head shields its delicate feeding mandibles and can be flushed with colour to communicate signals amongst the herd. These complex multi-chromatic messages are many and varied but are all assumed to mean 'Run away, something is trying to kill us'.

- Its eight turquoise photo receptors are independently articulated and can look for threats in several directions at one time.

- A lurid and violent striped colour scheme denotes a low level toxicity that makes the beast an unappealing meal to all but the most hardy predator. This was discovered at the misfortune of naturalist Lord Cockswain who infamously spent three bleak days 'ballooning' his 'unders' as he put it, after eating one on safari.

As you can see, Barnaby's Thrusk is an incredibly beautiful animal with many exotic and unique qualities. Did we mention that they make a fetching pair of Thrusk skin riding boots?.

Vital Statistics:
Height: 4 to 5 feet
Length: 6 to 8 feet
Weight: 450 pounds

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